We’re All Guilty

March 23, 2021

It’s Over And You Know It Is

Most of us are just waiting for the fireworks that are surely coming our way. There is no stopping the destruction of the world as we know it.

Our coming destruction had been designed to follow two world wars and the confusion you see our world now engulfed in from a blueprint culled from the depths of the evil Talmud.

The sad part of all this madness is we are all guilty of our state of affairs. We have allowed the evil Zionists to control and manipulate us.

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Some of us are more guilty as there are those among us
who have greedily profited off our shared Zionist dystopian misery.


Mandated Public Fealty

Most despicable are the collaborators and traitors who have and continue to assist our diabolical Zionist masters. They’ll get their rewards in the end like the 19th Century Apache U.S. Army Scouts that assisted in the fighting and capture of Geronimo. They were betrayed and were ultimately arrested and jailed along with Geronimo and exiled to Florida prison camps.

We’re stuck in a contrived loop of violence and division only a crash can stop.

It should be clear at this point in America, the growing animosity between us over differences, once held at bay with the golden rule that one should treat others as they would want to be treated, is overtaking our society to dangerous limits.

What is certain is we’re angry and pissed-off. America is never coming back as most of us transition into dirty unicorns with nuclear war knocking at our door.


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